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Movable Clean Vehicle Sampling Booth
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  • Movable Clean Vehicle Sampling Booth

    Widely used for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics .etc for the non- contaminated items transfer, can effectively avoid contamination to these items during the transfer.



    1. Plexiglass                              2. HEPA Filter                3. Partition Plate            4 Air Outlet Plate

    5. Observation Window             6. Working Table           7. UPS                           8. Fans

    9. Operation Panel                   10. Pre-filter                   11. Batteries

    Product Features:

    Working area made of stainless steel frame inside built-in colorless transparent glass, novel structure, easy to observe.
    ◎ Owned rechargeable DC power supply to achieve the car 's wireless, rechargeable 8 to 12 hours of continuous work 2-3 hours .
    ◎ Horizontal unidirectional flow of air supply to ensure that items on each shelf in the protection of clean air, and effectively prevent contamination items.

    ◎ Applicable airflow volume adjustable system, wind speed can be high, low, two steps to adjust, reliable operation, low energy.
    ◎ Mains and inverter battery can be used interchangeably, flexible, safe and reliable.
    ◎ Optional pressure gauge , and efficient real-time display differential pressure across the filter .

    ◎ Optional PAO interfaces for HEPA filter leakage verification to meet the requirements of GMP .


    Main Technology Parameter:





    Overall size(W×L×H)mm



    Working area(W×L×H)mm




    ISO5(CLASS 100)

    Filter efficiency

    >=99.99%(@>=0.3μm )

    Air Velocity




    Power Supply

    220, 50Hz /110V 50Hz

    Factory testing:  

    All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards. Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the unit’s individual results for each unit. 

    Factory test include:

    --appearance testing

    --functional test and visual inspection

    --electrical safety tests

    --air velocity testing

    --noise testing


    Our equipment is warranty for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories. 

    All equipment is shipped with a comprehensive use’s manual complete with a report documenting all test procedures.

    Additional IO/OQ/GMP document is available upon request.

    Contact our sales representative for specific warranty details or document request.  

    Consumable parts illustration:

    1: Pre-filter: each one should be replacement in each 6 month, but it can refresh no more three times.

    2: HEPA air filter: each one should be replacement in each half and one years. 


    Standard export packing:

    --Stretch film strapped whole cabinet,

    --Foam inside protected,

    --Plywood case solid fixed

    --European standard bottom tray