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Negative Pressure Weighing Room Booth
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  • Negative Pressure Weighing Room

    The weighing booth consists of the working area , the return air box, fan cabinet, the air outlet box, and outer cabinet these several parts assembled. Control panel is located on the front of the inside working, micro touch-screen control panel with fan switches on/off, adjust the fan operating mode , adjust the workspace air velocity functions. Equipped with differential pressure gauge, test the resistance of the filter. Inside the air supply box designed with air exhausting regulation board that can adjust the air exhaust volume within a reasonable range.


    1. Airflow volume adjust board                      2. Tank-style HEPA filters                 3. LED lamp                     

    4. Differential pressure gauge                      5. DOP test port

    6. PLC control board                                    7. Centrifugal fan                             8. Waterproof socket

    9. Primary filter                                            10. Medium pocket filter

    Working Principle:

    The weighing booth designed vertical one-way airflow form, return air must first filtered through the primary filter disposed the large dust particles of the airflows, and then through the medium filter for second times filtration to full protect usage of HEPA filters.

    Under pressure of centrifugal blower through the HEPA filter, so as to meet cleanliness requirements. Clean air is sent to the air supply box, 90% were through the air diffuser panels forming a current vertical air flow, 10% through the airflow volume adjust board exhausted out. All airflow have been processed through HEPA filter, so air supply and exhaust are not with the residual dust can avoid secondary pollution.

    Due to the formation of a stable unidirectional airflow in the work area, so emitted dust in this area will be under the influence of a one-way flow trapped by the primary and medium filters.

    Devices with 10% air exhaust, creating a negative pressure relative to the external environment, to ensure that the dust in this region will not spread to the outside, play a role in protecting the external environment.

    Main Technology Parameter:





    Clean Class Level

    100class( A)

    HEPA Filter

    99.999% efficiency at 0.3um

    Total Power


    Air Volume

    supply air volume: ≤7500m3/h

    exhaust air volume: ≤2250 m3/h, adjustable

    Air Velocity



    full stainless steel 304#/316#



    Power Supply

    220V, 50Hz


    drugs, operator, environment

    Internal Work Zone




    Factory testing:  

    All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards. Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the unit’s individual results for each unit. 

    Factory test include:

    --appearance testing

    --functional test and visual inspection

    --electrical safety tests

    --air velocity testing

    --noise testing


    Our equipment is warranty for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories. 

    All equipment is shipped with a comprehensive use’s manual complete with a report documenting all test procedures.

    Additional IO/OQ/GMP document is available upon request.

    Contact our sales representative for specific warranty details or document request.  


    Consumable parts illustration:

    1: Pre-filter: each one should be replacement in each 6 month, but it can refresh no more three times.

    2: Second air filter: V type filter

    3: HEPA air filter: each one should be replacement in each half and one years. 

    Standard export packing:

    --Stretch film strapped whole cabinet,

    --Foam inside protected,

    --Plywood case solid fixed

    --European standard bottom tray