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    BY 2016.10.21 11:00PM CHINESE TIME, FAW Volkswagen AIR SHOWER TUNNEL project be signed BY 2016.12.20 we have finished project installation and get qualified by the site of FAW Volkswagen   air shower tunnel is used for room entrance, width2000mm, 18meter length Automatical sliding door type      
  • The difference between mini-pleat filter & separator filter
    First let we look the appearance of both two filters: Mini-Pleated HEPA filter SPERATE HEPA FILTER: The two commonly used HEPA filter is Mini-pleat & separator. The mini-pleat HEPA filter mainly adopts thermal sol as filter divider, is advantageous for the mechanized production. At present, a lot of clean workshop need large quantities of this mini-pleat structure because of the small volume,
  • Great nine points for Air shower maintenance you should know
    Strictly speaking, air shower is also belongs to a kind of purification equipment, is usually installed at the entrance ofthe purification workshop,is usually for the wind dust purification of staffs. But we need to be aware of is due to more number of door switch, the high usage rate, in order to ensure the application of air shower equipment, how to maintenance for air shower? Air shower mainten