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The difference between mini-pleat filter & separator filter


First let we look the appearance of both two filters:

Mini-Pleated HEPA filter


The two commonly used HEPA filter is Mini-pleat & separator. The mini-pleat HEPA filter mainly adopts thermal sol as filter divider, is advantageous for the mechanized production. At present, a lot of clean workshop need large quantities of this mini-pleat structure because of the small volume, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency, and uniform wind speed. The separator HEPA filter, mainly adopts aluminum foil, paper to be folding shape as filter dividers, form the air channel. A separator is made of high quality craft paper, hot roll-press or adopted offset paper as partition plate. Currently, the use most is the double-sided adhesive coated paper for separator, main purpose is to prevent the partition affected by cold and hot dry wet contraction and emit particles. When temperature and humidity changes, the separator paper may have larger particles distribution, resulting the cleanliness test is unqualified for the cleanroom. So for the places with high cleanliness requirements, we should recommend customers to use Mini-pleat HEPA filter. The abroad price of Separator HEPA filter is higher than Mini-pleat HEPA filter, so the separator HEPA filter seldom used oversea. In addition, compared with the rectangular channel of separator HEPA filter, the V channel of mini-pleat HEPA filter further improve the uniformity of dust capacity and extend the service life. Ventilation mini-pleat HEPA filter can avoid the use of metal parts, easy to waste processing, in line with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Except some special occasions, like the high temperature resistant and high security requirements, the mini-pleat HEPA filter can replace the separator HEPA filter.


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